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The Notorious RBG is Dead...

This was delayed, sorry about that. I was writing for someone else during this time, and had to set aside my personal thoughts and feelings and help the team for an hour. With that accomplished, we must now turn to my personal feelings.

Tonight, we mourn a giant of the judiciary, a jurist who was outstanding in thought process, exemplary in the application of a persuasive argument, and an icon of feminism. There will never be another Notorious RBG, for no one will ever again combine her wit, her vision of a better America, and her ability to see each American as worthy of her compassion and dedication. In her life upon the American bench she was respected for her ability to change public opinion, and to share her thoughts with us, the layperson, in such a way that we understood why her vision for America was the correct one.

The RBG I love is an activist, an icon who stands for the equality of all people, a brilliant woman who understands that no American is better than another American, that none of us is more equal than any other of us. She dedicated her life to this great nation, and to a vision I believe in, that of a living Constitution, a document once written by the best minds of its time, but that will of course need to change as the thinking of future times improves upon those ideas. Her defense of voting rights in this country must stand as her first and most important legacy during the dangerous times in which we find ourselves living. We must all mourn her, because her loss is great, but we also must all fight to honor that legacy. We must, each and every one of us, stand up and exercise the rights she fought to protect for us. We must honor her by fighting to protect the work she did. We must vote. We must donate. We must volunteer. Already, within hours of the passing of this eminent woman, there are people talking about a quick confirmation for a replacement, hearings taking place before an election. Those same people said, only four years ago, that eight months before an election is no time to allow a lame-duck President to fill a SCOTUS seat. Now, only 45 days before an election they seek to usurp the democratic process for their own gross political gains. We must remind them of the precedent they set only four years ago, the precedent they seemed so proud of when it was time to never hold confirmation hearings for Merrick Garland.

If you live in a state with Democratic senators, call them, remind them that you are fighting with them to defend the legacy of the Notorious RBG. If you live in a state with Republican senators, call them and remind them of the precedent they chose. Four votes. It takes four votes to prevent this gross perversion of justice, where a lame-duck government perverts the future of this country for their own personal gain. We must not allow it. We must fight. We must vote.

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