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Attempted Coup? Treason? Yes to Both.

This is an attempted coup. This is sedition. This is treason. Yet, it's important that we remember these people did not act alone. The people you saw on your television today; breaking windows, marching through Statuary Hall, sitting in the chairs of Vice President Pence and Speaker Pelosi, did not do their work alone. These people are not leaders, they are followers.

The riots begin with this rally, at this man's behest. (Photo: Tasos Katopodis/Getty Image)

These people followed, and acted on the orders of President Trump, and the people who have enabled his hateful behavior and divisive rhetoric. These people acted on the orders of elected officials from Indiana; Senators Todd Young and Mike Braun, and Representatives like Jim Banks and Jackie Walorski. This is the product of what these people worked for. These people whipped their followers into a seditious frenzy and then unleashed them upon the members of Congress doing the work of the people. This is what happens when leadership stops working for the interest of the citizenry and instead becomes enamored with the acquisition of personal power. For these people, supporting the rhetoric of Donald Trump wasn’t about a firm belief that hatred was right, it was what happens when fear takes over common sense. Their fear of this President, and the power of his Twitter account, led us to today. Their fear of him led to their complete inability to be competent stewards of our democracy. This is what happens when you allow a bully to use his pulpit to lie to the American people for four years. This is what failure looks like, on an epic scale. From here, we must fix these errors. Congress must reconvene and certify this election. The Cabinet must invoke the 25th Amendment and President Trump must be remanded to the custody of a psychiatric facility, where both he and the American people can be protected from his narcissistic behavior, and violence-inciting lies.

This is a patriot? (Photo by Mike Thieler/Reuters)

Congress must investigate its own members, the people who today created this scene, and for the four years prior to this empowered the lies, empowered the division, and empowered the hate we witnessed on this sixth day of January. Representative Banks has proven, again, that he will not vote for the interests of his constituency, or for the interests of this Republic, but will instead only work to appease a dangerous, and evil, President. Arrests must be made. An untold number of violent insurgents made an effort today to overthrow the lawfully elected government of the United States. They must be arrested, charged with sedition, and tried in accordance with our laws. Their leaders must be taken into custody, for their own protection and for ours, charged, and tried in accordance with our laws. Those leaders include people like Jim Banks, who, in joining a protest over a lawfully completed election, gave aid and comfort to enemies of the United States. The negligence of our leadership resulted in at least one death today, and an as yet untold number of injuries. This blood lies at the feet of those politicians who attempted to usurp the will of the people, and the letter of the law.

Capitol Police protect the House (Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

I understand political differences. Political differences are actually how we improve our democracy. Disagreeing with one another, debating the issues, finding the compromises, is how we move forward as a country. Political differences, and useful debate, require that both parties are interested in the truth, and assumes that both parties will argue their sides from a place of fairness, and with an emphasis on fact. We don't have that anymore, because we have become a country of parties, a country where personal power is more important than the will of the people. The reasons for this are myriad, and sometimes unclear, but the effects of this moral tragedy were on clear display today. If we want better we must work towards it and demand it. We must hold our leaders accountable. We must hold them accountable for their words and deeds, not just on election day, but every day.

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