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A Correction to Today's Post

This is a mea culpa. You see, I owe it you, my friends and readers, to admit when I make a mistake of fact. In the political call to action that was posted at midnight eastern time on this website I wrote the following.


"Asmodee, which I believe to be the largest manufacturer of board games in our industry, doesn't send me a single normal retail product that I can find in my store that doesn't say "Made In China.""


It was pointed out to this morning by retailer/manufacturer/ extra-ordinaire Andrew Zorowitz that Catan Studios, which is a subsidiary of Asmodee, continues to produce Catan and its many expansions here in the United States, as Mayfair Games did with Catan before Asmodee purchased it. Is in incumbent upon journalists, which I once was, to deliver to you facts that are actually factual, and in this case, I was incorrect. I apologize to you for my incorrect statement and promise that I will strive to do better, because you deserve the best facts available to me.

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