About John 

John Stephens is a lifelong Democrat who first volunteered for a campaign during the Primary season leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election, and since that time has taken part in three Presidential election cycles, four Congressional campaigns, and several municipal and statewide campaigns.

Feminist, ally, and a progressive to his core, John believes that systemic racism is real, the pay gap is real, Medicare For All doesn't go far enough to care for everyone, human beings are destroying the only planet we'll be given to live on, and that the only true path forward for immigration is an amnesty period that brings every person living in America out of the shadows and makes them part of this nation.

Politics connects everything we do, and everything we think. When we are selfish in our politics ("How does this benefit me?") then we are selfish in the world. Even saying "I don't care about politics, it doesn't affect me," is a political statement, one that comes from great privilege because you're not being affected by the world around you for some reason. It's never a true statement though, as we all affected by the world around us, and the decisions our leaders make do affect each of us, both directly and indirectly. When a decision does harm to one of us, it injures all of us. When hatred runs rampant, it affects all of us. When racism runs rampant, it affects all of us.

When John isn't talking about or engaging in politics he sells board games for a living, visits art museums, collects art, and reads way too many news websites.




Fort Wayne, IN

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