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About John 

John Stephens is a lifelong Democrat who first volunteered for a campaign during the Primary season leading up to the 2008 Presidential Election, and since that time has taken part in three Presidential election cycles, four Congressional campaigns, and several municipal and statewide campaigns.

When he's not actively working a political campaign, John is heavily invested, emotionally and physically, in the hobby game market in North America, helping retailers be the best they can be, while always striving to improve himself in the same regard. He's taught seminars at GAMA EXPO on marketing, human resources, sales techniques, and income diversification. While John believes that Americans spend too much money on 'stuff,' he also believes that hobby board games are an experience, not just more stuff, and enjoys matching excited gamers with their favorite new game.

Politically John believes systemic racism is real, and that the pay gap is real. John believes that universal health care is the only real healthcare plan for a civilized nation. John believes that humanity is destroying this planet, and that we still need to live here. John believes in radical immigration reform including blanket amnesty. 

John also believes that he was born on third base, the eldest son of a middle class family where mom and dad are still married. John was never stopped and frisked for his skin color. John was never assumed to be a criminal. It would be easy for these advantages to have made John selfish, but selfishness in our politics ("that doesn't affect me") has never helped to move us forward.

Politically and professionally John strives to improve the lives of the people around him; to make them more successful, and more happy. This space is devoid of hatred (except the hatreds of bigotry and ignorance). When not working, John enjoys visiting art museums, adding to his own growing art collection, and reading too many news websites.


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